jake lazaroff

Check One, Is This Thing On?

I'm starting a devlog! My main blog entries tend to be longer, more polished pieces that I spend a long time writing and editing. Those tend to be fairly few and far between. But I work on a lot of projects — or at least, work a lot on a few projects — and I'd like a space to write about them more frequently. I'm aiming for a weekly cadence.

Right now, I have one main project: SongRender, my music visualization app. I'm in the middle of the "files migration". Basically, files that users upload are currently a first-class concept in the UI. There's a "Files" tab in the app where users can upload, download and rename files. They can also search through that library of files to add them to their projects. That's going away; instead, when a user wants to add a file to their project, they'll just upload it directly from their computer, and I can get rid of this whole faux filesystem thing.

I also started trying to learn Rust for the nth time. It actually seems fairly promising — I've been at it for about a week without butting heads with the borrow checker, which was basically the death knell for my previous attempts to learn the language. I know one of the things they've been working on is approachability, so maybe it's gotten to the point where you can avoid the sticky bits until you get off the ground.

Anyway, I've been going through this tutorial, which is both comprehensive and easy to follow. Will report back when I have something more.

I've also been trying to explore the Indie Web. My blog has an RSS feed, but I'd like to start hosting a microblog as well — and also to include the full-text posts from my blog in there. I'd also like to decouple my writing (the actual Markdown files with the text) from my blog layout.

I wrote a quick command line script (in Rust!) to generate a JSON feed of my blog posts. I had used Hugo to generate my site, but I couldn't find a way for it consume the feed; I switched to Eleventy which worked great. (I considered writing my own static site generator in Rust to get a few more reps in, but I was worried that project would spiral). Next, I'll modify that script to be able to consume microblog content somehow. I might need to come up with a new format; currently, each big blog post is an individual Markdown file with front matter, which I think is a bit overkill for a Twitter-esque stream of small posts.

I signed up for Micro.blog for the ActivityPub features, but so far it seems kind of clunky — it won't import past posts from my feed, and it doesn't seem to get the most recent posts of people I want to follow on Mastodon.